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Vint Cerf, founder of the internet, is coming to JoziHub

Want to meet one of the men without whom we wouldn’t have the internet? The legendary Vint Cerf, officially a ‘Father of the Internet’, co-creator of the TCP/IP protocol, ex-IBM, DARPA and current Google evangelist, is coming to South Africa – and specifically to JoziHub on 6th September for a ‘fireside chat’.

You can sign up for a free ticket here.

The chance to talk to Cerf in the flesh really shouldn’t be missed. His list of accolades is extraordinary, and his most important legacy – in our eyes at least – will be that he argued for the open, bottom-up structure of the internet today. Without his work, the chances are that the net as we know it wouldn’t exist, but would be a mish-mash of proprietary standards and very heavily controlled. It’s a great coup for JoziHub, and it follows quickly from Richard Stallman’s talk at Wits later this month.

Rare times indeed.

(Image: Wikicommons)

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