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Startups, sign up and launch yourself at DEMO Africa 2013

If there’s one thing startups need to get ahead in the business world, it’s a good launch platform that exposes them to potential investors, buyers, and the watchful eye of the media. Well, those things and a good idea.

Thankfully, if you already have a good idea for a new business, DEMO Africa 2013 could be the place where you showcase what you have to offer. The second annual DEMO Africa, takes held in Nairobi, Kenya on the 24th and 25th of October, and it will where 40 of Africa’s best start-ups will get their time to shine.

“We will be looking for the best of the best technology start-ups to launch on a global platform,” said Harry Hare, executive producer for DEMO Africa.

“The bar is set even higher this year as we take the companies that have the highest potential and expose them to the investors, media and technology buyers.”

Tech entrepreneurs from across the continent are eligible to enter, with the only criteria being:

  • A product that solves a real commercial problem
  • A product that makes an impact in an existing market segment, or establishes a new one altogether
  • A team and business plan to deliver the product to market
  • A startup that’s making its debut at DEMO Africa 2013

If you already have the first three, you can ensure the fourth by applying to participate at DEMO Africa.

The participants of last year’s DEMO Africa have already given positive feedback, with most of the startups that showcased there having either secured funds or created partnerships. Five of last year’s 40 contestants will also be participating at DEMO Silicon Valley, in October this year.

DEMO Africa is the brainchild of LIONS@FRICA, a partnership that’s brought together resources from the US State Department, Microsoft, Nokia, infoDEV, the African Development Bank, the US Agency for International Development, DEMO, Startup Weekend, GIST, Venture Capital for Africa, Appfrica, Business Action for Africa, Business Fights Poverty, and Global Entrepreneurship week. The aim of the event is to quell the notion that Africa only has corruption, poverty, and insecurity. Instead, it hopes to highlight the good innovation that comes from the continent – and now there’s a platform for those ideas to be highlighted.

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