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Bad news for smartphone owners fond of their privacy

According to a story by the Washington Post, the US government’s National Security Agency (NSA) “is able to crack protective measures on iPhones, BlackBerry and Android devices, giving it access to users’ data on all major smartphones”. The Post’s source was a report in German news magazine Der Spiegel that was published on Sunday.

The report claims that the NSA can obtain contacts, call lists, SMS traffic, notes and location information through these new measures. There is no evidence the NSA is using this breakthrough to surveil huge numbers of people; rather it’s more of a targeted measure that hones in on specific individuals.

In essence, if you use any of the most popular smartphones available today, it is not impossible for the NSA to snoop on your activities whether it’s legal or not for them to do so. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

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