South Africa will get movie streaming via PS4 next year

Forget the bumbling speculation over whether or not Netflix is ever going to make it to these shores, here’s some news from console-land which is definitely a plus point in Sony’s favour. The PS4 will get movie streaming services in South Africa within the next year.

Mario Dos Santos, the head of Ster Kinekor Entertainment (which distributes PlayStation in South Africa), told last night that the Sony Entertainment Network’s online content-streaming services Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited should be available for South African owners of Sony gear, including PlayStation 3s and 4s in “the next 12 months”.

The services have long been bundled with Sony’s smartphones, tablets and the PlayStation 3 overseas, but we’ve been unable to sign up using South African PlayStation Network accounts due to the legalities of content distribution in the country. It has been possible to circumnavigate that problem by creating PlayStation Network accounts for other regions, but doing so has been, and continues to be technically illegal.

Dos Santos described the process of arranging local availability for the Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited services as a “legal minefield” due to the involvement of so many stakeholders from the South African music and movie distribution industries, but that the process is “in its final stages”.

  1. See, it’s stuff like this that’s causing me to consider dumping my Xbox fanboy uniform and crossing the line to Sony. SA always comes last with MS, not so with Sony it seems… Now if only I could stop this love affair with Forza, my mind would be made up…

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