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BBM For Android

BlackBerry Messenger for Android will be preinstalled on LG phones

BBM will be coming pre-installed on the new LG G Pro Lite when it arrives in stores after the two companies announced a partnership around the messaging service. The announcement comes three weeks after BlackBerry announced that BBM would come pre-loaded on a variety of lesser known Android manufacturers new smartphones. BBM was released for Android and iOS in October and within a week had already added over 20 million subscribers on the platform taking the total number of BBM users up to 80 million world wide.

BlackBerry has gone through a tumultuous patch of late having replaced the CEO, CMO, CFO and COO and adding new board member over and above those who were replaced in an effort to turn around the company. The company will be focusing more on the corporate space where they saw the beginning of success in the early 2000s. BlackBerry of course ran into trouble after the launch of the iPhone in 2007 when they failed to adapt fast enough to the consumer demand for large touch screen devices rather than the traditional QWERTY keyboard models that BlackBerry is famous for. While BBM has seen its place as the de facto messaging platform eroded by the likes of WhatsApp and WeChat who were available on multiple platforms long before BBM left the safety of BlackBerry’s own handsets.

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