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Social media abuzz over SA pastor who makes followers eat grass “to get closer to God”

If you’ve been seeing the words “grass” and “pastor” along with strange photos of humans eating grass on social media lately, that’s because of the Rabboni Centre Ministries church in Ga-Rankuwa, Gauteng, and its pastor, Lesego Daniel, that’s become a trending topic after a frenzy sparked by photos of members eating thick grass as instructed by the pastor.

The photos, posted on the church’s Facebook page, show members of the church lying or kneeling on a patch of grass while stuffing handfuls of it in their mouths. According to Pastor Lesego and a few members of the church who claim to have eaten the grass, this is to demonstrate the power of the Holy Spirit and to help them get closer to God.



“The healing from God comes in many ways. It is He who drove you to eat grass. It was not just grass, but a mixture of shrubs. I shall never back down or deny it. If I do, I’ll be disappointing Jesus Christ.” Pastor Lesego was quoted as saying in one of his sermons.

The fiasco has even earned the church and Pastor Lesego the names “The Grass Church” and “Grass Pastor” respectively. It’s also been featured on many newspapers, sites, radio stations and news bulletins not only in South Africa, but worldwide.


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Christians and other pastors took to Facebook and Twitter to criticize Pastor Lesego and called this practice “unbiblical” and “devilish”. Doctors and health experts have also condemned the pastor for endangering the health of his members as grass is not a source of food and nutrients suitable for human consumption.

None of this has deterred Pastor Lesego though, he says he will keep on doing “the work he has been sent to do” and reaching out to those that need him.

Pastor Lesego Daniel

Pastor Lesego Daniel

It’s interesting that the photos were actually posted by the church itself, but were they expecting so much backlash and ridicule? They don’t seem to care. On the other hand, it doesn’t help that this makes South Africa the laughing stock around the world again after the fake Mandela memorial interpreter story broke. The world probably thinks we’re all living in the jungle with lions as pets, fake signing to each other and having grass for lunch. Sigh!

Watch this video by eNCA featuring Pastor Lesego during a sermon and members, seemingly under a trance, eating handfuls of grass.

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