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Broken Age salutes old-school gamers with a retro mode

Tim Schafer’s Broken Age adventure game is a love letter to retro gamers, going so far as to include a “retro mode” that lets players pixelate the visuals to make it appear like an adventure game from the 1990s.

YouTube user The Phawx posted a video of how to do it; all you need to do is assign a key to the icon that switches between Shay and Vella (the game’s two protagonists). Once pressed, the game switches to a pixelated view that 1990s gamers will find familiar, and, hopefully, charming. See the screenshots below for a preview, and watch the video embedded just beneath it for a detailed walkthrough on how to set it up. Note that you don’t strictly have to lower the game’s resolution, but it helps to complete the illusion.

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This isn’t a review so I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that having two lead characters and two separate-but-linked stories to explore was a stroke of genius, and Double Fine has indeed pulled off with Broken Age a game that is, indeed, double fine.The beautiful, high-resolution hand-painted graphics are a delight to behold, the voice-acting is professional and polished and the story is delightfully quirky, which is just what I had hoped would be the case.

A full review will be posted once I’ve completed the game. If you’re intrigued but you didn’t Kickstart Broken Age, you can preorder it on Steam for $22.49 (around R245). It releases for non-backers on January 28, at which time the price will go up to $24.99 (around R270).

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