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R18m fund from Raspberry Pi for taking IT into schools

Concerned about the drastic shortage of access to computers in South African schools? Here’s something that might interest you: Raspberry Pi – the British designed computer that is essentially a Linux PC for under $30 – has just announced a new fund to help projects designed to “advance the education and understanding of computing of children aged between 5 and 128 years of age”.

The Raspberry Pi Educational Fund – for that is it’s name – is a £1 000 000 (R18m) pot which any organisation anywhere in the world can apply to take a part of if it has a good idea for using computers to further STEM education or the creative arts in schools. What’s more, they don’t have to use Raspberry Pi technology to achieve this aim – a gesture of extraordinary magnanimosity, if you ask me.

The only requirement is that the application itself must be in English.

The application process for funding will open up early next month with a second round due in September. Successful ideas will need to raise 50% of their funding from elsewhere, which the Pi Foundation will then match.

And if you already have a Raspberry Pi which you’re not sure what to do with, check out some of the new projects written up on the newly redesigned homepage over here.

So get your thinking jackets on and start coming up with ideas to pitch (and let us know about any specifically African ones you have in mind too). There are more details here, and the folks at Raspberry Pi say that they’re also interested in hearing from other organisations who may not fit the educational mandate but want to partner with Pi all the same. Apparently the little board has been such a success that there’s a fair bit of CSR money looking for a good home.

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