This PC keeps you gaming, wherever you are

A new year means better game engines, prettier graphics and more pressure on your hardware than the previous year. To keep your framerates up, you need new gaming gear, and MSI has a notebook that will maintain and even improve game performance in a way that you’ll wonder why you ever thought desktop systems were […]

How to secure your home when you’re away

Router unplugged in case of storms? Check. Geyser off? Done. Neighbours have a set of spare keys? Check. Fur-kids booked into canine hotel or cattery? Sorted. Going away isn’t always about packing a bag and jetting off. There’s a lot to consider if you want peace of mind this festive season. You’ll be safe and […]

LG G4: What’s under the hood?

It’s easy to say that the LG G4 looks sleek and sophisticated with its handtooled leather case and curved screen. The camera, of course, is also something you’ll immediately love – we’re yet to find another smartphone that delivers the same, DSLR-esque picture quality of the G4’s massive 16-megapixel sensor with f/1.8 lens. But when […]

WebOS 2.0 – LG TVs that Matter

When buying a smartphone, the most common question you hear everyone debate is the difference between Android and iOS. Which interface will work best for me? And the same can be said when considering a new laptop or desktop computer – do I go with a Mac or a Windows box? If the operating system […]

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