Dive into your games with this curvy Full HD ASUS monitor

You might think that curved screens and high refresh rates are the reserve of expensive high-end monitors, and until recently you’d have been right. Thankfully, as technology progresses, high-end features inevitably trickle down to more affordable monitors. These lower-cost screens are perfect for gamers with more modest budgets who can’t splurge on the best gaming […]

Finally, South Africa climbs on the ESD bandwagon

As the internet rose from the obscure, nerds-only network of the 1980s and 1990s into the everyman’s network it is today, it was inevitable that it would come to undermine and threaten established businesses and their years-old ways of doing things. And that’s exactly what has happened. Old, established industries are under threat from the […]

Gaming on the go, without the massive cost

The days of the super-expensive gaming laptop are over: Dell’s 15.6-inch Firelord 7567 offers excellent gaming capabilities with hardware usually reserved for far more expensive machines. Depending on how you want to spec it, you’re looking at recommended retail pricing that’s between R17 999 and R26 999. Dell has built on the solid foundation of […]

How to reduce your phone bill with a dual SIM handset

Dual SIM smartphones have become something of a staple on local shores and while the technology seems simple enough many people don’t understand what the benefits of having two SIM cards to call upon are. The most obvious benefit of having two SIM cards is so that you have more control over how you spend […]

How to choose a laptop for University

With matric season upon us, many of our nation’s high school graduates will be preparing for the next stage of their academic career and planning their next few years at university. If that’s you, one important question that you’ll need to deal with is which laptop to take with you. Whether you’ve been looking forward […]

Air safari: Fujifilm’s XT-2 captures wildlife from every angle

Photographers love mirrorless system cameras. They’re smaller and lighter than full-sized SLRs, and more often than not camera bodies and lenses are cheaper too. Of all the brands which build mirrorless cameras, Fujifilm is arguably the most loved: since the introduction of its X-series back in 2012 it’s been feted not just for its retro […]

Double the uncapped ADSL, same low price

For most South Africans, choosing an Internet connection is about finding the perfect balance between performance, data consumption and price. And even though fibre-to- the-home (and small business) continues to be one of the most talked about topics in chatrooms, forums and technology-savvy media, ADSL – and particularly, uncapped ADSL – continues to offer worthwhile value for money […]

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