The 10 videos we posted yesterday were what we like to call “a good start”. Here’s 10 more to whet your gaming whistle even further.

Yes, yes, most people will buy Battlefield 4 for the multiplayer, but there’s no denying the single player portion of the game is looking even more spectacular than ever, if this video is anything to go by. And it should be, because why else would EA show it?

Ryse was originally intended to be a showcase of the new Kinect’s capabilities, but the the gods of good sense managed to intervene and the Roman melee combat simulator now uses a controller, with the Kinect only used to process optional voice commands. Pity about all the quick-time events, though – would have been nice to see the game taking a more Dark Souls-esque approach where cool moves only happen if the player gets their positioning and timing just right.

Believe it or not, those stupendously gorgeous visuals are running on a PlayStation 3. Forza, eat your heart out! This latest iteration of Gran Turismo is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and will feature a ton of graphical, content and handling improvements that should have lovers of driving games happier than a Formula 1 driver strapped to a rocket ship when it arrives towards the end of 2013.

Geralt of Rivia returns for the final game in the Witcher trilogy, an open-world fantasy RPG that sees him in a rage-fuelled quest to recover his lost memories. The game features a multi-region open-world design, skill-based combat and hopefully more of the rich storytelling magic and age-restricted mature content that the series has become known for.

The latest game in the long-running Final Fantasy series will make its way to both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when it launches in 2014. Just going on the trailer, it looks to be the most intense and intricately-crafted FF yet. Let’s hope the final result delivers on that promise.

Both Asylum and Arkham City were fantastic Batman games, and the new one is looking pretty good as well. It’s not being developed by the studio that handled the first two and Mark Hamill won’t be reprising his role as The Joker, but even so it’s looking pretty sweet. Best of all, it’s coming for current-gen consoles so you won’t have to wait till November to play.

What’s cooler than an assassin? An assassin trained by pirates! At least, that’s what Ubisoft is betting with the latest game in the series, heading to every available platform towards the end of 2013.

The studio behind Heavy Rain and proponent of mature, story-driven high-fidelity gaming Quantic Dream wowed audiences at E3 with this incredible tech demo that is made up of 12 minutes of in-engine animation. That means nothing is pre-rendered, and everything you see is being rendered in real time by Quantic Dreams’ next-gen game engine. Impressive, right?

Destiny is the new game from Bungie, the studio behind the uber-successful Halo franchise. They’ve created a new world, new characters and new gameplay to make this game not a Halo clone, and the gameplay demo above proves they’ve done a pretty fine job of it. Talk about stunning! Gorgeous vistas, detailed interiors, co-op play and bosses that drop loot? Oh yes!

Most Wanted was the prettiest Need for Speed, until this gameplay video dropped at E3. With brilliant visuals and some pretty tight-looking driving, Rivals might make you forget just how evil EA is because you’re having too much fun playing.

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