So I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this online bloggy thing we’re making here, you have some kind of internet connectivity on your phone or via a ADSL or a 3G dongle in your house. But what if you’re one of the 50m odd South Africans who don’t have internet access and you still want to have a games console around the house?

Or maybe you are one of the lucky few who have a net connection but try to be frugal with its use because of the paucity of bandwidth allocations.

Microsoft has a message for you: “buy an Xbox 360!”

That’s the words of Xbox head Don Mattrick, talking to GT TV in the video clip above. Ooops. Not exactly dowsing the flames of criticism with that one.

To be fair, it seems local Microsoft representatives probably didn’t get much say in the design of Xbox One, and aren’t being included in the launch roll-out anyway. One source inside Microsoft on the South African Xbox team told us that he hoped the daily DRM check would be just a few kilobytes. Wishful thinking, I’d guess.

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