Download your heart out: bargain bundles and free iPhone apps

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Everybody loves a bargain – or getting something for free. So to make sure your Friday starts off with a bang, here are some deals worth cashing in on while the last.

bundleFirst up is this week’s Humble Weekly Sale, wherein the guys at Humble Bundle will let you pay what you want. That’s right, you can pay the miserly sum of 1 penny (around 10 South African cents) for the content. But don’t be a scrooge, because the money goes towards making sure more Humble Bundles can be offered in the future. The money also goes towards, you know, the contributors whose content is on offer.

This week’s bundle has eleven albums from the inimitable Jim Guthrie, the Canadian singer and songwriter who put together the soundtrack for indie game, Sword & Sworcery. Guthrie’s albums include his own published albums, for some folksy indie beats, as well as the soundtrack for the Sword & Sworcery. As always, the Humble Bundle guys have a bonus: if you pay more than the average amount (currently around $3.50, or R35) you’ll receive a Steam key to download Sword & Sworcery for PC. Even better, the bonus unlock includes a download for Indie Game: The Movie, a fascinating documentary about indie game developers, and the efforts they go to for crafting their interactive adventures.

Next up, there are some free iOS apps. Every week new apps are added to the iTunes Store, debuting with a promotional price of zero rands. Sometimes a few popular apps also go on sale, with their prices dropping from between R8 and R57, to – you guessed it – zero.

UnknownDocScanner PRO – use your iPhone camera to take photos of documents, then let DocScanner’s optical character recognition take care of converting the image to text that you can edit.

Regular price: R56.99



Unknown-1Ocarina 2 – turn your phone into a woodwind instrument. That’s right, just blow into the microphone and attempt to master some of the songs. There are more available as in-app purchases, too.

Regular price: R24.99




Viewmatic – yes, you probably do need yet another camera application that gives you retro-style photos. Viewmatic offers 20 historic viewfinders, with 20 lenses on top of that. It’s even possible to customise the strength of each effect.

Regular price: R24.99



Unknown-4Filtermania – If you couldn’t bring yourself to pay a lot of money for an app that just adds filters to your photos, you’re in luck: Filtermania is now free. It offers more than 750 filters for applying to photos, each customisable, and is lauded for being more adaptable than Instagram.

Regular price: R48.99

Correction: At the time of writing, Filtermania was free, however as of an hour ago the app is back at full price. Apologies for the inconvenience.



7-minute Workout – if you don’t have a lot of time to exercise, 7-minute Workout is for you. Based on a scientific paper, this app offers 12 exercises that are performed for 30 seconds, with 10 second rest breaks. What does the app offer? A convenient countdown timer for each exercise, so that you don’t have to do jumping jacks while staring at a stopwatch.

Regular price: R7.99



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