You know SkyDrive, Microsoft’s storage-in-the-clouds service? Well, it won’t be called SkyDrive for much longer thanks to a ruling by the English High Court that says Microsoft has infringed on the¬†British Sky Broadcasting Group’s (BSkyB) trademark on the word “Sky.”

Techradar reports that no new name has been announced for the service as yet, but the good news is the name is all that will change – the service itself will remain the same, offering people 7GB of free online storage when they sign up for a Microsoft Account.

Microsoft has really been having a tough time of it lately, what with last year’s “Metro” fiasco in which the company had to change the name of the Windows 8’s new interface because German company Metro AG already owned the rights to the name.

Poor Microsoft. First Metro, then Windows 8, then Surface, now this.


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