If there’s a happy confluence of events which finds you wanting to change bank and buy a new phone at the same time*, you’ll be delighted to hear tell of the latest offer from FNB. The bank-cum-phoneshop is offering new customers who buy a smartphone or tablet upon joining three separate deal options, which include up to 20GB of of 3G data a month for a year.

So join FNB, buy an iPad, and you qualify for:

  • 200 each of voice minutes, SMS messages and megabytes of data every month
  • 20GB of data a month
  • or Uncapped ADSL for six months.

The news isn’t so good for existing customers mind. If you buy a smartphone or tablet you can qualify for up to 500MB 3G data a month, but it all depends on your eBucks reward tier. The more services you have with FNB, the higher your tier and the more data you get, but working out how much involves holding your phone above your head while dancing naked under a full moon or something. And buying your children on an FNB credit card.

Oh I dunno. Full and more accurate details are on the FNB website. We will do a proper breakdown of which account is best if you want to bank with your phone company or buy a phone from your bank in the near future.

Disclosure: I bank with FNB, because it was really easy to move my direct debits and otehr – you know – banking stuff.

*Considering the events, it’s probably an unhappy confluence, thinking about it. Maybe an irate cashier smashed your Galaxy S4 or something?

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