Up here, in htxt.africa’s hometown of Johannesburg, it’s a pretty grey and rainy Friday, so we have just the thing to help you while away the hours indoor.

Being that it’s National Women’s Day, we hand-picked some of the most coolest TED talks – by women of course – to show that members of fairer sex can hold their own when it comes to presenting, innovating, and sharing great ideas.

Kate Stone shows us how DJ decks made of paper can still make electronic music.

Bored in high school? Sure, let’s just invent a new way to biodegrade plastics, like these two girls.

Touch screen tech is so yesterday. Katherine Kuchenbecker is working on letting you feel virtual objects through touch screens.

Catarina Mota plays with smart materials – the kind of tech you probably saw in the last Batman movie.

If you think LEGO blocks need an update, then making theme electronic is probably the right step forward, as Ayah Bdeir explains.

Colour-coded surgery – a technology worked on by Quyen Nguyen – lets tumours show up a different colour, so that surgeons know exactly where to cut.

If Sheila Nirenberg has her way, there will soon be a prosthetic eye for blind people to see again.

Imagine an open government that’s run by the apps on your phone. Jennifer Pahlka has, and it sounds pretty amazing.

Regina Dugan used to oversee project development at DARPA, and now she takes that “let’s try it, even if it might fail” attitude to Google.

Games can be used to cure your depression. Watch this talk by Jane McGonigal and you’ll find out how – along with living 7 minutes longer than you would have before watching it.