The Verge reports that the 8.1 patch to Windows 8 will be made available to the public in October 2013.┬áThe update is being timed to release alongside new hardware from Microsoft’s partners that includes new seven- and eight-inch devices.

The 8.1 patch is being designed to address many of the criticisms levelled at Windows 8; the biggest change will be the return of the Start button, although it only causes the Start Screen to open up not bring back the Windows 7 menu. For that, you’ll still need Start Screen replacement apps like Start8 and Classic Shell.

Other changes include the ability to customise Live tiles, Windows Phone-like enhancements to the interface and a new tutorial designed to make some of the more hidden features of the OS discoverable.

To see some of the improvements being made in 8.1, check out The Verge’s coverage of the biggest changes and the new tutorial coming soon-ish to a Windows 8 PC near you.

Title Image Credit: The Verge


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