Lauren Beukes to co-host charity art show

Apologies for being late to this one, but it was announced while I was on holiday last week. South Africa’s best sci-fi/fantasy/alternate reality writer Lauren Beukes is hosting a charity art auction during the Open Book Festival in Cape Town. The author is using her international clout off the back of The Shining Girls to raise money for Rape Crisis – and if you’ve read the book (which you should) you’ll get the connection immediately.

From Lauren’s site:

We’re approaching a bunch of amazing South African artists, illustrators, street artists, photographers and designers to make an affordable original art work by customising a page ripped from the novel in whatever way they like.

We’re still finalising our contributors list, which is why this isn’t the official announcement, but I can confirm that Conrad Botes, Kudzanai Chiurai, Faith47, Joey Hi-Fi and DALEast are among the people who have already said yes!

It’ll be co-curated by Jacki Lang, and takes place from 6-11th September.

Want to know more about The Shining Girls? Check out the clip below.

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