Neotel has just launched 3 new LTE packages, all uncapped, for the Gauteng region. The packages are tiered by connection speed with connection speeds of 2, 5 and 10 mbps The monthly cost of each at is R999, R1799 and R2899 respectively after a once-off setup fee of R1500 that includes the installation of a Wi-Fi modem router.

These new packages are available in Gauteng immediately from all Neotel outlets as well as online, with a staggered rollout planned for the rest of the country in the coming months. From what I’ve seen here at the company’s headquarters in Midrand, the performance that can be expected is fast, with latencies in the 40ms range. That makes these connections even good enough to game on without introducing game-killing lag. Of course that’s because I’m in the heart of Neotel-land, your actual mileage may vary (but Neotel seems confident you will get what you pay for).

The packages are aimed primarily at small to medium-sized businesses, but of course home users are welcome to sign up as well.

As is always the case with any uncapped internet package, there is a Fair Use policy in place. Neotel’s execs touched on the terms, and they’re quite reasonable, as well as impressively specific: your line speed is halved once you reach a certain threshold, which depends on the package you’ve chosen, with faster line speeds having a little more leeway.

Speed Monthly Cost Fair Use Threshold
2 mbps  R    999,00 268GB
5 mbps  R 1 799,00 671GB
10 mbps  R 2 899,00 1342GB


Pretty reasonable, right? I think so.

So if you’re tired of your ADSL dropping all the time or giving up the ghost when it rains, or you feel your ISP punishes you unfairly for downloading to your heart’s content, you now have a wireless and rather affordable alternative in Neotel. If you live in Gauteng, that is.



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