Afrihost 3G (4)

In January this year Afrihost announced that they had moved all of their ADSL bandwidth across to MTN from their long time partner Internet Solutions and the question on everyone’s mind was ‘When will Afrihost offer 3G data?’. Well on Tuesday morning that question was answered with a resounding crash, which was of course the sound of Afrihost’s servers falling under the immense weight of the demand for their 3G offer.

The offer is for 5GB of 3G data, on a month to month basis, along with a free MiFi device for the first 1000 customers for R145 a month. The deal was so popular that Afrihost eventually increased the free MiFi devices to the first 8000 clients who eagerly snapped up the devices (the devices are now selling for R796 on Afrihost’s site).

We were lucky enough to get hold of one of the devices and have given you the chance to see just what you’ll be getting when they start delivering them on the 3rd of September.

The device is an Afrihost branded Huawei E5331 mobile router which features a maximum download speed of 21.6 Mbps using an HSPA+ connection and allows up to 8 devices to connect to it in total. It has a 1500 mAh battery which is rated for 250 hours standby time without Wi-Fi, 30 hours with Wi-Fi and 5 hours continuous working time.

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