More tickets available for Richard Stallman at Wits on Saturday

Were you looking forward to hearing the founder of the Free Software Foundation speak at Wits University on Saturday, but found that the Eventbrite page was sold out? Good news has reached us from the organisers of Software Freedom Daythere’s another 200 tickets just been made available to hear Richard Stallman speak, as the event has shifted to a larger auditorium.

Stallman’s speech will be on ‘A Free Digital Society’ – looking at the dilemma facing those who want to increase access to digital tools for empowerment but may end up trapping the people they are trying to help into systems that at best lock them in and at worst can become tools of surveillance by the state.

And there’s still space left at the Durban leg of RMS’ South Affrican tour on 6th September. He’s also talking at SITA in Pretoria on 3td September, and UCT Cape Town on 4th September.

If you’re asking yourself ‘who is this RMS fellow’, then the chances are that you need to be at one of these events. Developer, creator of the GNU operating system, inventor of Copyleft and lifelong activist for free software, Stallman is one of the industry’s most important polemicists and his cause is a worthy one. Even if you don’t end up agreeing with him, chances are you’ll learn something from the event.


Go sign up for Software Freedom Day at Wits on 31st August here. The agenda is packed with much more than RMS’ speech – there’s presentations on how to build a RepRap and a hackaloing barcamp too, plus seminars on how to use free and open source software in business.

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