geekfestNews just in from chums over at The Dark Carnival, who have confirmed the running order for this weekend’s Geek Fest at Goldfields Kennel Club. It starts off with a bit of a medieval battle, and frankly gets better from there. Look out for if you’re going, we’ll be around with cameras looking for the best Cosplay costumes and more. The only tough decision to make is how you’ll fit in Software Freedom Day too.

9:00am – Gates open

10:00am – Orusta knights and warriors will be showing off their battle skills in the main arena.

                The Injustice tournament will take place in hall one and will be run by ITF Gaming. Entry will be available the door but space is limited.

                The Hero Clix tournament will take place in hall two.

11:00am – LARP. The live action role play will take place in the main arena.

                  First Geek Quiz in beer garden. The quizzes are specifically   designed for Geeks.

11:30pm – Pet Parade. Bring your pets and dress them up. Please make sure all dogs are well socialised and will not be eating any of the festival goers and their pets. Meet in the main arena.

12:00pm – Cosplay. The costume competition will be taking place on stage at the main arena. Contestants will be strutting their stuff dressed as their favourite character.

13:00pm – Robo War. This will be taking place at the top arena. The super brainy contestants will battle robots they have built against each other.

14:00pm – Second quiz in beer garden.

15:00pm – Second LARP demo

16:30pm – Zombie Run starts

17:30pm – Prepare for Star Wars Marathon in the movie arena. Pick your spots and make yourselves comfy for a 6 hour Star Wars marathon.

18:00pm – Zombie Run ends.

                A Fire dancer will be showing off her skills in the movie arena before the movie starts. Once everyone one is settled the movies will begin.

 There will be a kiddies play area with jumping castle and face painting in the top arena.

And your bonus is this promo video we found lurking on YouTube:

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