Free Stuff Friday

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Free stuff is raining from the heavens today or at least the internet. Free Stuff Friday brings you things that you won’t have to pay for this week.

Watch a comedy performance at the Hangout Comedy Club at the Edinburgh Fringe festival

Watch the video below. Click on the link above. Laugh. Donate money to charity. Win at life.

Free tickets now available for Software Freedom Day with Richard Stallman

Get free tickets to a lecture by the biggest proponent and one of the driving forces behind the open source software movement.


Free iOS games

Plants vs. Zombies 2The IncidentPlants vs. Zombies 2

It’s finally here. The sequel to one of the most addictive games known to man and it’s free.

The Incident

The super fast-paced, retro-style action game where you run, dodge and jump your way through the world falling around you until you climb your way to the cause of THE INCIDENT.



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