So I was just passing through central Joburg this weekend, and obviously had to stop at the Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein, which hosted the final day of the A MAZE ./ festival.

A MAZE ./ started off as a celebration video games and digital art in Germany, and this is the second year that Wits University has held a local event under the same banner. It ran all week last week with a mix of street performances, exhibitions and lectures ranging from mobile phone gaming to comic book artistry.

I’ve got a few updates to publish today, to get things started here’s the best locally developed indie games that were playable at the Alex Theatre.

A Day in the Woods

Windows, Mac, iOS

Remember those sliding block puzzles that you had to rearrange until they formed a recognisable image when you were a kid? A Day in the Woods is like that: you have to slide hexes around to an empty space in order to guide Little red Riding Hood our of the trees and back to Granny. Sounds simple: fiendishly complex.



Mac, PC, Web

The art style of Silhouette is simply beautiful. It’s all black and white, and you can only ever see the space immediately around your character meaning you have to navigate your way around an old house by memory and luck. It’s a two player, turn-based game in which one of you must escape from the murderous intentions of the other.

Pixel Boy

A clever take on the Pinocchio story, Giant Box’ Pixel Boy stars a 2D adolescent who wants a third dimension. To do that, he must venture in to Diablo-esque dungeons and shoot things, natch.

Escape Velocity

Best described as a cross between Centipede and Asteroids via DooM, Escape Velocity is a deathmatch multiplayer affair in which your creature grows with every kill. The longer you wait to launch it at the opponent, though, the faster it goes and is therefore less controllable. Up to 20 people can play, apparently, which sounds like madness. In a good way.


PS3, PS Vita, PC, Mac, Linux
If only I could remember the name of the old Spectrum game that this reminds me of, I could go to lunch happy. It’s an 8-bit style shoot-em-up in which you control a surprisingly amphibious aeroplane fighting subs, planes and boats with tiny pixellated bullets.

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