I do like Moondays: Geldof /is/ going into space

Oddly, we’ve just had a press release from Sir Bob Geldof’s agent which claims that the singer will be the ‘First Irishman in space’, following in the footsteps of Mark Shuittleworth by taking a private flight into orbit. It’s a short release, so the whole lot is below:

Sir Bob Geldof has just confirmed that he will be travelling into space as one of the first ever Space XC astronauts during 2014.

According to Sir Bob Geldof:-

“Being the ‘First Irishman in Space’ is not only a fantastic honour but pretty mind-blowing…The First Rock Astronaut – Space Rat! Elvis may have left the building but Bob Geldof will have left the Planet! Wild! Who would have thought it possible in my lifetime”.

Sir Bob will be undertaking his first step of training in the space flight simulator based in Holland this coming weekend.

I genuinely don’t know what to make of this. It’s so improbable and the release so short and light on detail that it reads almost like the hoax of a disgruntled employee. But so far there’s been no denial or further comment – but we’ve lodged questions with the right people. Space XC is a Dutch space flight company which offers tickets on its flights for $100 000 – the cheapest way to get off the Earth, apparently.

Geldof rose to fame as frontman for the Boomtown Rats and the character Pink in Pink Floyd’s film The Wall. Now. Since organising Live Aid in response to the Ethiopian Famine of 1984, he’s been better known on the world stage for his charity work in Africa.


Apparently it’s all genuine. Sir Bob’s PR agent contacted us to confirm it and says the flight is being sponsored by World Privilege Card.


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