TomTom has definitely seen a drop in sales of its Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs) over the last few years with the advent of smartphones with built in GPS sensors and software becoming the norm for most consumers. There are still many who don’t want to use their precious battery life on their smartphones up by using it as a navigation device and would therefore buy a PND. To help people along in the decision, and to ensure those who want a PND don’t buy a competitor’s brand,  TomTom has announced that it is opening a new local support centre in Midrand in conjunction with Regenersis.

The repair service will allow customers to either take their device back to the retailer where it was purchased from where it will be collected by Regenersis or arrange a collection from anywhere in the country by calling  the TomTom Call Centre directly on 0800-980-670. TomTom are promising a 48 hour turnaround time on the actual repair work (not including transportation time to and from the repair center) and will be giving customers a tracking number they can use to follow up on the work being done. The warranty on the repair will be 2 years, which should be long enough to persuade you to buy another TomTom should your device perish thereafter.

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