GTA V makes $800m from day-one sales

Rockstar’s latest crime opus has bought itself a place among the most lucrative entertainment launches in history, with day-one sales of over 800 million dollars. This is according to the Wall Street Journal.

To put that in perspective, day-one sales of the previous GTA and Call of Duty games reached 315 million dollars and 500 million dollars respectively. Analyst  Edward Williams from BMO Capital Markets attributes the jump in revenue to the incredible hype that has surrounded the game since it was announced, as well as the greater number of Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s that have been sold since the last game, resulting in a much bigger install-base.

However you cut it, though, 800 million dollars is a huge amount of cash. GTA V might even beat Avatar to the billion-dollar mark if it can get there in less than 17 days, which is no mean feat considering Avatar is the highest-grossing film ever.

GTA V’s budget was also reportedly the highest-ever for a videogame according to, coming in at around 265 million dollars. Incredibly, Rockstar made that money back in pre-order sales alone:, a website that tracks game sales, wrote that there were over 7 million pre-orders for GTA V. Extrapolating that figure at 60 dollars a pop, my maths tells me that’s at least 420 million dollars. Cha-ching!


We will finally get to see what all the fuss is about as our press copies of the game arrived this morning. Expect a hands-on first-impressions post tomorrow, with a full review to follow sometime next week (if we can finish it in time, that is). Better late than never, right?

[Update, 21-09-13]: GTA V hit the billion-dollar mark in just three days, says The Verge. Holy cow.




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