Credit where it’s due, Samsung’s Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) warranty that was introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier this year is a pretty good deal. Under ADH, you get to take a Samsung phone back for a no-questions-asked and no-money-asked repair for screen or liquid damage not once, but twice during the first two years of its life.

And now, with the launch of the Galaxy Note 3, it’s been improved beyond even that. Note 3 owners will be eligible for ADH Premium, which will mean:

  • The new ADH Premium changes from a carry in warranty in to a door-to-door collection service. In addition Samsung is promising to have your repaired Note 3 returned within 24 hours failing which they will replace your device with one in a similar condition instead.
  • If you have an ADH Premium warranty and don’t claim on it (or only claim once) for the duration of your smartphone’s life Samsung will add the left over repairs to a new ADH Premium plan on a new premium Samsung device giving you up to 4 incidents that will be repaired.

Samsung will also be offering a trade in and upgrade program for consumers who purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Samsung will guarantee the future value of the device by up to 25% to be used on the purchase of their next premium Samsung Galaxy device. Customers who purchase the Note 3 will be able to get 25% back within 12 months, 15% back from 13 – 23 months or 10% back in 24 months onwards to be used as a discount on their purchase.

There is also a dedicated premium call centre for Note 3 owners to request pickups of broken devices.

Premium Samsung devices are those of the Galaxy S4 lineage as well as the Note series of phablets, but ADH Premium will only be offered for devices starting with the Note 3 going forward.

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