Have you seen it? Have you? HAVE YOU? It’s every bit as awesome and satisfying as they say it is, and beyond that I’ll add no more because… you know… spoilers and all.

What the helping hay am I talking about? It, that’s what. The final episode of Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad, which aired in the US on AMC on Sunday night. Around 10.3 million people watched the show bow out on cable TV, and just 12 hours later it became the most pirated episode of the show with 500 000 people downloading torrented copies direct to their PCs.

That number comes from TorrentFreak, largely regarded as the authority on these things.

According to TorrentFreak’s stats, around 40 000 South Africans were among those who grabbed an illicit copy of the finale by Monday lunchtime our time.

I imagine it’s probably quite a few more by now. Apparently that puts the series on track to be one of the most downloaded, if not the downloaded, this year.

Breaking Bad is the story of do-gooding chemistry teacher who almost won a Nobel prize, Walter White, and his descent into darkness and drug manufacture after he discovers he has terminal lung cancer. How awesome is it as a series? The video below says it all.

I’m going to politely ask that if anyone has seen the finale, they avoid spoilers in the comments below. Otherwise, chat amongst yourselves.

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