Today, at the opening day of rAge 2013, Telkom announced two new products for its soft-capped ADSL customers.

Acknowledging that the average broadband speed on its ADSL network has risen to 2Mbps over the last few years, it has started introducing ADSL accounts that have soft caps; data allowances that allow for continued access, depending on the user’s data usage, and at a reduced speed. For instance, Telkom’s 5GB account will let a user continue enjoying access after 5GB has been reached, as long as they aren’t abusing the service and the network load is reasonable.

Even when soft-capped, Telkom ISP customers can still enjoy zero-rated access to social networks: any traffic to Facebook and Twitter will be at full speed, and won’t be metered.

The company’s two new products use a similar strategy, for a small fee of R49 a month. However, this is only a promotion that will last until the end of March 2014. After this time the company will reevaluate the products to determine whether there is a business case to introduce it as a permanent offering.

The Do Movies and Do Gaming add-ons can be added to any uncapped ADSL product offered by Telkom. Subscribers that use these two services can always enjoy full-speed, zero-rated access to certain services. Do Movies will let customers enjoy zero-rated, uncapped access to iTunes (for movies and music); Samsung’s movie service for its Android devices and smart TVs; and DStv’s online movie services. However, services like Netflix and YouTube aren’t supported, and will continue to have metered data.

Do Gaming will let gamers have zero-rated, uncapped access to all popular gaming services, including Steam,, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Origin. Gamers can also try the Do Gaming bundle for free, for the month of October. The R49 fee will be applicable from the 1st of November. To activate the service, customers simply need to log into their profile on the Telkom ISP website.

With downloads from movie and gaming services often running into the 20GB range, the small outlay of R49 a month is a small convenience fee to ensure full-speed access that won’t result in your account entering a soft-capped state.

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