Fitness wearables company Fitbit announced its new Fitbit Force activity and sleep-tracking wristband yesterday and we’ve just found out that it will be coming to South Africa from the local distributor the Core Group in January next year.

The Force borrows heavily on the design of the Fitbit One, which retails for R1299, (reviewd here by our sister site GirlGuides) adding a few extra features for a price increase of $30 (R300). The Fitbit Force adds an altimeter to detect the amount of floors are climbed daily and is equipped with an OLED screen similar to the Fitbit One and makes a marked improvement over the amount of data that the Flex could show using its 5 LED lights. Fitbit is even promising an update that will show caller ID information on an iPhone 4s or newer running iOS 7.

Source: Engadget

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