Seene is a new iPhone app from a company called Obvious Engineering that allows users to take a series of photos that create 3D like images of their subject.

Seene lets a user position an object and then prompts you to take four pictures from around the abject which it uses to compose a 3D image. It doesn’t always turn out a perfect result because of a few small difficulties it seems to have with stitching photos together and differentiating objects that have a similar colour to the background but when it get’s one right it’s creates a fantastic looking image.

Like Instagram and Vine users can follow each other and view other users’ Seenes (?) in a linear timeline. Users can also share links to their images and embed them (like we did with the one of our fearless leader Brett on the left). The pictures aren’t a full 3D rendering of an object and only allow a few degrees of rotation but they the potential is there for future updates to allow greater control.

The application is an iOS exclusive for the time being but the guys at Obvious Engineering have said that an Android version is in the works already.


Click here to download the app and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Source: TNW

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