Is there anything that The Walking Dead doesn’t get right? Apart from being the first watchable TV show about the undead since Scooby Doo, and getting both Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey on set together, AMC also believes that the best way to fight online piracy is to release new episodes globally as close together as time zones allow.

The fourth season kicked off in the US last night, and instead of going home and chewing up bandwidth downloading episode one, if you have access to TopTV or DSTV and the FOX channel. Indeed, apparently FOX is so excited by this news, it’s showing the same episode twice, back to back, at 22:00 and 22:45. Unless that’s a mistake in the schedule, of course.

And what better way to promote The Walking Dead season premier than by setting zombies loose in Sandton? None, of course. Pic above is from Carlyritz on Instagram.

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