Hot on the heels of yesterday’s clickfest, Cookie Clicker, comes yet another browser-based clicking game.

Yup, just in case you’ve not wasted enough of your life waiting for a virtual product to amass, so that you can sell it and amass more virtual product, there’s another game that lets you do almost the same. It’s called Clicking Bad, and this time – as the punny name alludes to – the chosen poison is methamphetamine, or crystal meth. The very same substance Walter White cooks in the hit TV series Breaking Bad.

In Clicking Bad you are the one who clicks. Do so furiously enough, and you’ll start cooking virtual batches of meth. Unlike yesterday’s crumby clicker, though, you also have a button to sell the product you produce. This gets you money, and that can be used to upgrade lab equipment, buy cook houses, and recruit dealers.

It’s a slightly more complex game mechanic, and it gets more complicated with players having to balance their greed for money with a law-dodging approach. Recruit too many dealers and cook meth in too many dodgy apartments, and it’ll draw police attention. To counter that, you have to spend money on shady lawyers and bribing policement.¬†Ironically, a game about crystal meth is very possibly more addictive than the stuff Heisenberg cooked to build his empire.

It’s not exactly as moral as enslaving grandmothers in Cookie Clicker, but these are just find time-wasters. So let’s not think too hard about it.

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