Nike rolled out an update to its popular Nike Running app for iOS yesterday that brings yet another social aspect to the apps functionality. User will now have the option of taking photos using the app before, during and after a run and sharing the pics with their social networks. What’s more, the app can now be set to automatically pause when you do and will pop up a camera button suggestively hinting that stopping is for pictures. When you’re done with your run, you can add stickers with your Nike+ achievements or distance and create a photo collage of the days activity.

Nike describes the photo sharing for each of the 3 phases of the run:

  • Pre-Run: Before heading out, runners can post a picture of their gear, starting spot, friends – whatever’s on their mind. Posts on Facebook that receive ‘likes’ initiate real-time audio cheers to encourage the runner.
  • During the Run: The new Auto-Pause makes it easy for users to pause their workout, snap a picture to share later, and then resume their run.
  • Post-Run: After a run is a great time for runners to share their accomplishment by posting a custom collage made of photos taken before, during or after their run. Users can personalize their post even more by adding stickers touting their stats including NikeFuel, distance, pace, route map and Nike+ achievements.

You can click on this link to download the latest version of the Nike+ running app.

Source: Nike

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