For those who’ve held off on registering a South African iTunes App Store account because games aren’t available, the wait seems to be over.

A local game developer has tipped us off that a listing of games can be retrieved by visiting the following link in your web browser:




The listing includes popular titles like Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, Real Racing 3, and more. Clicking on the links for those games shows their information pages inside the browser, along with rand pricing for the games and/or their in-game purchases. Clicking on a purchase button in the web browser loads the game’s purchase page in iTunes, from where it is possible to purchase the game.

Visiting the App Store from iTunes or from your iPhone or iPad’s App Store will not show a games section, but clicking the above link does show games available in the South African Store. However, searching for games from iTunes or from the App Store on your iOS device will return results. We were able to find a handful of games, including the latest Angry Birds title, Angry Birds Star Wars 2. It is listed for R7.99.


The arrival of games in the local store has long been one of the most sought-after feature features, by local users. Many have resorted to creating accounts for other regions, most notably the US, where TV series, movies, and music are all available alongside the unimpeded App Store.

In December last year Apple introduced music and movies to the local iTunes Store, giving users more reason to have a local account. With the arrival of games, a South African iTunes account is definitely worth having.

Apple has also made iTunes vouchers available to the local market – more than co-incidental timing, we think. Either way, you can now load credit on your account to go and buy all those games you’ve been dying to play on your iPhone and iPad.

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