Not content to only be working on their Kickstarted adventure game, Broken Age, or a new tactical RPG called Massive Chalice, the guys over at Double Fine Productions¬†have just announced that they’re also working on an even newer game called Spacebase DF-9.

It’s a Sci-Fi building simulation game set in outer space, and it will have players building a base by mining for resources, creating all kinds of living spaces in which to work, conduct research, sleep, eat and more. The game’s challenge comes from balancing the needs of the space base with those of its inhabitants. And, naturally, fending off invaders.

In concept, it seems to bear a passing resemblance to a freeware game called Dwarf Fortress in which dwarves were tasked with building a thriving underground city while dealing with challenges along the way. That’s not a bad thing, considering that game’s small but dedicated community and the high praise they often lavish upon the game¬†for its depth and playability.

The game is currently available on Steam’s Early Access programme for $25, and it will be developed and refined even further in the coming months. I still feel it’s a bit cheeky to be asked to pay to play an Alpha version of their game, but there you have it.

If you’d like a bit more detail about Spacebase DF-9, here is a video showing off 38 minutes of gameplay.

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