There’s more good news in yesterday’s story, which saw Apple finally flipping the switch and making games available in the South African iTunes App Store.

The Mac App Store – the online storefront for Apple computers running Mac OS X – also gained games, when they were enabled for the iTunes App Store. These were previously unavailable in the local Mac App Store, which offered most other software, including professional apps such as photo processing suite Aperture, video editing packages Final Cut X and Final Cut Pro, as well as most other common software.

Some of the games available in the local Mac App Store include Angry Birds (for desktop computers), Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Sid Meier’s Civilisation IV, and a number of free titles, too.

The local Mac App Store isn’t as fleshed-out as its US counterpart, where a few newer titles are available – though not many.

Then again, unlike iOS devices, Macs aren’t known for their huge gaming library. Most Mac owners either use Steam for games, or resort to using Boot Camp, which lets them run Windows, and thereby Windows games.

If anything, casual users will welcome the addition of some of the free games. Introduced in Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), the Mac App Store has been a great way for first-time users to get up and running with their new Apple computer. While it’s still possible to download and install apps manually, using the App Store does let Apple approve apps that are known not to be harmful or to interfere with the system’s operation. Apps also auto update, and become available on all other computers logged in with the same Apple ID.

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