PlayStation 4 to cost R18,000

Do you think South African gamers have it bad when it comes to how much consoles, games and PC hardware cost? Well, be glad you don’t live in Brazil, then: Sony recently announced the Brazilian retail price of its imminent PlayStation 4 next-generation console, and it’s a mind-blowing 3,999 Brazilian Real (R$), the equivalent of 1 800 American dollars or just under 18 000 South African rand. That’s almost three times as much as the PS4’s local price of R6299! Feeling any better about it? I sure am.

The crazy pricing is down to Brazil’s heavy taxes levied against videogames and their associated hardware. The PS4’s launch games don’t fare much better, with a launch price of R$179 which is 82 American dollars and just over 800 rand. That’s not quite as high a premium as on the console itself, but it’s still not exactly cheap.

In contrast, the PlayStation 3 cost R$1999 ($923/R9000) back in 2006, which was still more than what the Americans were paying ($599) but it wasn’t twice as much. What makes it even worse for the poor Brazilians is that the PS4 will sell in the US for just $399, which makes it the cheapest PlayStation at launch for our American friends. 

So, if you’re looking at our local price and breathing a sigh of relief that it’s now looking surprisingly reasonable in the face of what is happening elsewhere in the world, you’re not alone.


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