You know how it is, sat in your room playing videogames all day, shunning the daylight and indulging in activities of extreme anti-socialism. The life of a geek stereotype can be tough, especially if you’re trying to get together a party for a raid. Hurrah, then, for the new ‘dating’ service from DeeTwenty, which aims to help you find a partner for that difficult dungeon or regular games of Magic: The Gathering.

DeeTwenty Singles describes itself thusly:

Is your raiding-party short a healer? Tired of looking for love in Alderaan places?
Finding friends can be hard in a world full of muggles. But help is at hand!
DeeTwenty Singles is a group where you can meet new fellow geeks for alliances, friendships or romances and hang out together either online, or IRL at DeeTwenty Geeking Venue!

Apparently signing up through Facebook is the best way to get involved, although that seems a little mainstream and not nearly nerdy enough to me.

If you’re curious, DeeTwenty is a new gaming venue opening up in Randburg later this month, with rooms available for all manner of board games and RPG fun, plus regular planned events around LARPing and more.

In other geek news, if – by some chance – you’ve never played World of Warcraft, all expansions up to Cataclysm  (ie. except the last one) are now available for free.

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