Between dressing up and going to parties, and staying home for the midnight availability of Battlefield 4, I know which I’m going to be doing. I imagine many of you are, too, so here’s some good news for those of you who use MWEB as your primary internet service provider.

MWEB has formed a partnership with the official international server providers for Battlefield 4,, and been granted permission to host its own Battlefield 4 servers. This is all according to a post that appeared on’s GameZone earlier today by Desmond Kurz, MWEB’s Online Gaming Manager. That means super-low ping times for MWEB ADSL subscribers and very low ping times for users of other internet service providers – a win for everyone, really.

It also means players will be able to rent their own Battlefield 4 servers, to do with as they wish. Rates start at R127.84 a month for a 10-player server and ramp up all the way up to R897.83 for a 70-player server. Running your own BF4 server lets you set it to various modes, from fully public to private to ranked and unranked, and, of course, boot anyone you don’t like without any notice whatsoever because you’ll be The Boss of it. It’s a great way to play with friends without worrying that annoying random gamers will join and ruin the game with stupid behaviour.

The arrangement was a bit of a last-minute thing, apparently, but thanks to some hard work put in by all parties (MWEB, Dell, and MWEB’s network team), the two servers – both Dell PowerEdge R520s – have been successfully deployed to MWEB’s Cape Town and Johannesburg datacentres and are awaiting the arrival of enthusiastic players later tonight.

I will definitely be one of those. See you there!

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