iPhone 5 and 4S still more popular than the 5S on Flickr

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Apple might not be having a hard time shifting iPhones, as it declared with its launch day sales figures and recent financials, but its two newest devices aren’t very popular on Flickr, just yet.

It’s been just over a month since the 5S and 5C hit shelves in Apple’s first launch wave, with more markets getting the phone in recent days, but popular photo sharing site Flickr shows that the 5S has yet to take off, there.

Apple’s phones have long ruled the roost as the camera of choice, according to Flickr’s stats pages, but the most recent statistics show that the year-old iPhone 5S is still the most popular phone, followed by the older 4S and 4. It can be reasonably expected that the 5S will overtake its predecessors after the festive season (‘Tis the season to give iPhones, trala la la la’), but as it stands right now the millions of new iPhone 5Ss aren’t having their superior cameras flaunted on the world’s most popular photo library.

The statistics show that yesterday alone a mere 42 000 photos were uploaded by some 2 800 iPhone 5S users, paling in comparison to the 166 000 photos from 5 200 iPhone 4 users; 249 000 photos from 8 100 iPhone 4S owners; and 284 000 photos from 11 700 iPhone 5 photographers.

More worrying, the cheaper iPhone 5C, which has already been the topic of rumours about its supposed failure, barely makes the top 10. It sits in 9th position for all Apple devices, with just 4 922 photos submitted yesterday, from 407 yesterday. That certainly won’t help its reputation, despite the fact that its hardware is nearly identical to the most popular phone (and camera) on Flickr, the iPhone 5.

That said, these numbers are very soon after launch, and the only real data it gives us right now is that Flickr users aren’t that eager on getting the latest iPhones right away. Or maybe those who have shiny new iPhones just don’t care that much about Flickr.




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