Lenovo’s new tablet has 18 hours of battery and Ashton Kutcher inside

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Hardware manufacturer Lenovo made two fairly interesting announcements at an event in Milan. Number one was a new family of Android tablets with some epic battery life claims, number two was the fact that Demi Moore’s ex-husband is a new product engineer for the company.

While the latter claim isn’t meant to be taken seriously (we hope) it’s an interesting choice of celeb endorsement for Lenovo. Ashton Kutcher (for it is he) is currently starring in the Steve Jobs biopic. That small trembling you feel in the ground this morning is the late Apple founder spinning beneath the turf. Probably explains the heavy thunderstorms too.

Celebrities rarely help the tech brands they’re paid to appear for (think Alicia Keys and Blackberry), but fortunately for Lenovo the new Yoga Tablets do seem to do a pretty good job of promoting themselves. The design is instantly striking, being very thin with a little kickstand at the bottom, which can twist around to lie flat at the back of the tablet for normal use, or be extended to provide an angle for typing when flat on a desk or can prop the tablet upright to watch a movie easily.

It’s all in line with the Yoga concept introduced a year ago with a laptop that featured a 360degree hinge allowing them to switch between tablet and notebook form without any removable parts. That particular design has now become the de facto standard for all new Lenovo notebooks.

There are two Yoga Tablets: an 8 inch one which will be priced competitively with the Google Nexus 7 (around R1 999) and 10 inch one which in the US will cost just $299 (R3 000), so could be very interesting when released here. Lenovo claims an 18 hour battery life for both models on account of the giant bulging power pack cleverly hidden within the cylindrical hinge.

Both tablets feature near identical specs with a 1 280 X 800 display with a quad core MediaTek processor and 16GB of storage running a skinned version of Android 4.2.2 with an interesting launcher that allows you to customise which quick launch icons are available to you in which orientation of the tablet.



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