More Walking Dead closer than you think

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Enjoying Season 4 of The Walking Dead? We saw episode three last night, and it’s amazing. Especially the bit where (Redacted – Spoiler ed) get (Redacted – Spoiler ed) and then the car goes (Redact… Just stop now, OK?).

AMC’s zombie franchise isn’t just the best thing on TV at the moment either. The Walking Dead was 2012’s Game of the Year for many high-profile gaming publications, and the studio behind the series, Telltale Games, was always going to make a followup as a result. The question was, when would it be coming out?

Until recently, rumours were that we’d only see a Season two sometime in 2014, which was a rather large disappointment for fans of the episodic game. But Telltale Games has surprised everyone, and announced that it’s Coming Soon – so soon, in fact, that the preorder page is already live on Steam. That seems to imply a pre-Christmas release, which is a whole lot better than “this time next year”. Place your preorder now, and get 10% off its $25 price tag for all five planned episodes.

What makes this game so compelling is the choice-and-consequences mechanic used to draw players into the survival stories it tells. Even better than this, Season Two will reflect the choices players made in Season One, and the tiny filler game, 400 Days, that came out a few months back.

Lastly, it’s now clear that Clementine will make a return in Season Two, a welcome bit of news given her popularity in the first game owing to her ability to be a small child in a videogame that doesn’t annoy players with stupid behaviour, dialogue or general idiocy. I guess growing up in a zombie apocalypse forces a certain level of maturity on a person. It will be fascinating to see how she develops now, in her new role as the game’s primary antagonist.

If you haven’t yet played Season One of the Walking Dead, it’s highly recommended that you grab it right now, as it’s on sale on Steam for the paltry sum of just $6.24 until November 1st. It’ll take you around 12 hours to get through all five episodes, and those are very tense hours, full of twists and turns and some truly memorable events that’ll hook you and leave you wanting more. Just the way a good videogame should.

While Season Two is indeed Coming Soon, it’s still an episodic game that will release each episode over the course of the “season” and not all at once. Expect the first to hit before Christmas, with the remaining four episodes releasing over the course of the next six months or so.

Here’s a quick teaser video that was released by Telltale Games to whet your appetite for more undead action.

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

Deon got his first taste of PC gaming at the tender age of 11 when his father bought an 8088 XT, ostensibly to "help him with his homework". Instead, it introduced him to Leisure Suit Larry, King Graham, Sonny Bonds and many more, and Deon has been a PC gamer and hardware enthusiast ever since. He landed his first professional writing gig in 2006 at a prestigious local PC magazine, a very happy happenstance as he got to write for a living about things he loves - tech, PCs, gaming, and everything in between. He's been writing about it all ever since, and loves every minute of it.