FNB today amended its smart devices offering to allow all customers a second smart device on their banking profiles. There are no additional conditions for the offer, according to Irlon Terblanche, the CEO of FNB’s Core Banking Solutions. He also said that the move comes after listening to customer feedback about the smart devices offer over the last two years.

The smart devices offer from FNB allows cheque account holders to finance tablets, mobile phones, notebooks and, most recently, Xbox 360 consoles at slightly discounted prices. Finance is offered at 0% interest over 24 months. Since inception, around two years ago, FNB has sold in excess of 200 000 smart devices and currently sells more than 10 000 new devices per month.

The availability of devices has helped FNB grow the adoption rate of its banking application which it recently made available for the Windows Phone 8 platform, joining versions that it already has for Windows 8, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian devices.

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