Someone’s getting in to the Christmas spirit early at Telkom Mobile. The firm has just put a new ‘Internet Starter Pack‘ up on its website, which invites potential customers to pick up a mobile data SIM from one of its phsyical stores, and get 200MB of data a month for a year thrown in.

The price? A princely R49 one off charge for the lot. If you need something to put the SIM in, you can buy a USB dongle to go with it for R399 and get the SIM and data bundle thrown in. The SIM is not just for modems either, if you fit it to a smartphone you get access to discounted prepaid voice top-ups too (although the exact amount of that discount is unclear).

It’s quite a stab in the eye for other networks when – although we need to sit down and do some hardcore maths to work out whether you’d want one in your phone or not. It’s going to be a tough call between this and Cell C’s Supacharge for a smartphone on prepaid data.

(Hat tip: TechCentral)

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