Another day and another popular application finding its way onto the Windows Phone platform, this time its Vine making its way for free download in the Windows Phone Marketplace. For those who have never experienced Vine before, the concept is rather simple. Vine allows users to create six second looping video clips and share them not only within the Vine community itself but with other social networks as well. It has been used to great affect to create stop motion video like this one.

Vine is one of the high profile apps that was promised to Windows Phone users at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi last month by outgoing CEO Steven Elop along with the massively popular Instagram and Flipboard which are also slated to arrive in the Marketplace in the next few weeks. The high profile international applications are joining some high profile local ones which have been recently launched. In the last two weeks we’ve seen the banking applications of both FNB and Standard Bank become available for the Windows Phone platform.

With the considerable amount of emphasis Nokia gives to the imaging prowess of its Lumia smartphones popular photo and video applications like Vine and Instagram are a key roablock to the success of Windows Phone which is being cleared by Microsoft.

Nokia has made some tips available on its Nokia Conversations blog to help out first time Vine for Windows Phone users out. Once installed Windows Phone users can access Vine through the camera app by heading through to the Lenses section in the camera app where Vine will be listed.

If you’re a Windows Phone 8 user then you can download Vine from the marketplace ┬ánow and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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