Afrihost’s recent 3G product offering in conjunction with MTN was one of the most talked about with low prices that were almost too good to be true. Nearly 10 000 customers were treated to a free Mi-Fi device for signing up first as well as receiving either 5GB (2GB + 3GB) of data for R145/month or 10GB (3GB + 7GB) of data for R197/month. Today proved that some of those prices were indeed too good to be sustainable as the 3GB + 7GB promotion for R197 a month was adjusted to 3GB + 4GB from December until the end of February next year. The change effectively takes the price per GB of data from R19.70 to R28.14 bringing it in line with the roughly R29/GB pricing that Afrihost offers on most of its 3G products.

In an email to the customers who were using the package Afrihost confirmed that they were heavily subsidising the offering to give customers more value for taking up the offer early on.

These extra GBs were added as part of our launch special and while we would have loved to keep giving away these GBs to you our marketing budget can only stretch so far!

The 4GB of bonus data that the offer now includes will be re-evaluated in February when the special officially comes to an end along with the rest of the bonus data specials that Afrihost offers. Customers have the option of changing plans at any time as the contracts are all on a month-to-month basis.

If you want to check out the new pricing structure for Afrihost’s mobile deals you can view it all on the company website.

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