Microsoft has taken its involvement in the 3D printing world to the next level with the release of ‘3D Builder’, a Windows 8.1 3D printing app from Microsoft itself. The new 3D Builder app comes preloaded with a  catalogue of objects to print and more can be added by downloading new ones from the internet. 3D Builder allows you to resize and adjust the object you have selected before printing it and has been optimised to work from a touch interface as well.

Back in June Microsoft announced that Windows 8.1 would allow for plug-and-play support of 3D printers and understand 3D file formats. Microsoft has been on a mission to become the default operating system for 3D printing by making all of the necessary tools freely available to Windows Users, they’ve even started selling Makerbot Replicator 3D printers from Microsoft retail stores in the US. In South Africa we saw local retailer Dion Wired get in on the 3D printer action when it announced on Friday that they would be stocking the Cube 3D printer.

3D printing is undeniably one of the most exciting things happening in the tech space at the moment. Being able to print something as small as the broken piece of plastic for the back of your remote control cheaply without having to rely on the time tested cardboard and duct tape alternative is exciting. Let’s be honest though, you’re probably only going to be 3D printing chocolate sculptures anyway.

You can download the 3D building app from the Windows Store now.

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