Map Monday: Learn maths using Google Earth

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If you remember asking yourself, “When am I going to use this?”, while sitting in a maths class at school, prepare to find out.

A site called realworthmath has put together activities that use Google Earth to solve problems using the maths you learn in school. (Yes, maths – not math; you don’t hear people talking about a mathematic, America.) The aim is to prove to students that the number lessons taught in school do actually have value in real life.

Examples include the distance formula, which teaches children how to calculate time needed to travel a certain distance. With waypoints in Google Earth this has a far more practical appeal. The exercise for this on realworthmath involves travelling with a dog sled team across Alaska, and calculating the time needed to finish a race. Teachers can also use realworthmath to plan lessons, and there are certain activities aimed at groups of students.

Other activities get more complex, involving variables to help solve problems such as using search patterns to find a paddler who is lost at sea. Most mathematical concepts are catered for: solve-for-x equations, geometry, trigonometry, time, and even scientific notation.







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